‘How to get rid of wasps?’ is a question we often hear from people who are pestered with these pests in their homes. Not all of us know that these pests are actually very beneficial to us since they destroy most of the plant eating insects. But these wasps are very aggressive when it comes to protecting their nests and this is when you need to call in the pest control professionals to help you get rid of them. There are various types of wasps and here we shall take a brief look at them.

Different types of wasps

Paper wasps are quite harmless and usually do not sting

Hornets are bigger and quite imposing yet are not as aggressive and feed mostly between dusk and dawn; they are most common in North America

Yellow jackets are of course bright yellow in colour and have thick waists. They are more territorial and very aggressive stinging multiple times while defending their nests

How To Get Rid Of Wasps

How to get rid of wasps through avoidance

The best way to control and get rid of wasps is to simply avoid them and their nests from your surroundings. You need to get rid of nests even if they are somewhere close to your home or around it.

A common way to avoid wasps is to use aerosol insecticides which prove very helpful to get rid of mainly paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.

For paper wasps you need to locate the nest first and spray it in a sweeping motion with a pressurized aerosol wasp insecticide and it is better to spray during the night.

Hornets too can be driven away by spraying with aerosol insecticide but ensure that you spray the nest from a distance and this also needs to be done during night time and it is best to spray into the entrance of the nest directly.

Of all the wasps the yellow jacket are the most resistant ones and difficult to kill. You need to locate the nest and spray a lot of insecticide into the nest to be able to kill them all together. For this you need to use a non projective wasp killer and as with the other wasps here too you need to deal with them at night when they are less aggressive.

Remember that though you know How To Get Rid Of Wasps it can prove to be a dangerous mission and this is more so if you have bee or wasp allergies. In such cases it is better to call in the professional pest masters to eliminate them

How to get rid of wasps from different types of wasps nests?

Getting rid of wasps is a pretty scary venture since they sting very badly when their nest is disturbed. They can be actually more hazardous to us than bees since a bee stings only once and dies after that whereas a wasp can sting multiple times without dying causing us terrible pain.

There are two different types of wasps’ nests and here we shall see how to get rid of the wasps from each of these nests.

One type of wasp nest is an underground nest while the other is a hanging nest. For getting rid of wasps from these nests you need to take proper precautions which differ depending on the type of nest.

For an underground wasp nest you need to prepare yourself adequately to face the ire of the angry wasps. You need to dress heavily before you begin this operation; rubber clothing is most suited for this but since most of us do not have them we can use heavy coat gloves along with a mask. You need to cover all your extremities properly and this includes your neck and ankles. Since you need to crawl into a tight space during this operation your access for exiting out will be limited so be fully prepared.

Getting rid of wasps from a hanging wasp nest is a little easier than the underground nest since you have better chances for exiting and can run away quickly after attacking the nest. You must first identify a location close to the nest which is protective so that you can safely run there after the attack. But even for getting rid of wasps from this type of hanging nest one needs to be adequately covered with protective clothing to avoid wasp stings.

How to get rid of wasps the safer way

For getting rid of wasps in a safe manner the best course would be to start a small fire under the wasp nest and this is possible only if it is a hanging nest. The smoke that emanates from the fire helps to suffocate and kill the wasps. The survivors if any will relocate to a new location.

Another method to get rid of wasps is to use effective insecticide sprays which need to be sprayed into the nests which require you to get really very close to the wasp nests which can become unsafe sometimes.

The safest measure to get rid of the wasps is of course to hire the services of professional exterminators and though they are quite expensive you are saved a lot of trouble by doing so.

There are other methods of getting rid of wasps in a safe manner such as using traps or fake nests. Fake nests keep off wasps that are fiercely territorial from entering another one’s territory and wasp traps attract the insects with their sweet solutions and trap them, but this method is not considered a great one since the wasps that get into the trap die. Wasps are very useful in keeping plant pests from multiplying hence we don’t wish that they should die away, we just want to drive them away from our surroundings lest they harm us.

So, the best thing would be to avoid them from entering your premises and making a nest rather than allowing them in and then thinking up a plan to drive them away or kill them.

Now that you know of various means of How To Get Rid Of Wasps before they become a menace keep an eye on your surroundings and act at the very first signs of the presence of these pests around home and stay safe from them.