How to get rid of wasps the natural way

If you have never ever been stung by a wasp you would be wondering why so many people are wondering as to How To Get Rid Of Wasps and looking out for natural and simple ways of getting rid of them when in fact the same wasps are found to be beneficial.

Wasps though don’t cause death due to their sting they can actually cause you a lot of pain and can ruin your entire day for sure and this makes people around the globe so very scared of these little insects and many of them shriek with dread when they ever sight one in their surroundings.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps

Why are wasps considered good?

Though it is not easy to believe, wasps are indeed very good for our eco system. Their main contribution is to help control aphid population. If not for their help we would have been outnumbered by various other pests such as spiders, caterpillars, bees, gnats, midges, flies, and several other types of wasps.

The other big help they do us is by clearing up the decomposed corpses of various dead bugs present all around us. These critters feed their young ones with these dead bugs thus clearing up the pile of corpses for us.

Dealing with wasps

It is always advised not to run away from a wasp or to flap your hands when they are around; the wasps look at this gesture of yours as a threat and begin to attack you. They seldom sting unless they feel threatened and a person with hands flapping is looked upon as potential danger to them and they get into action and attack.

Best thing is to avoid the wasps for which you have to ensure your backyard is clean without uncovered garbage cans lying around which attract wasps apart from other pests.

The best way to get rid of wasps is to spot their nest and get rid of it but be careful while doing this or best is to call in the pest control professionals to deal with it.

How to get rid of wasps with simple natural remedies

One sure shot way to keep out wasps is to hang fake wasp nests; being very territorial these insects do not enter another wasp’s territory. This is truly the cheapest remedy available to you.

Next best thing is to make a trap to get rid of these wasps. For this you need to get a jug without a lid filled with water and some sweet substance such as jam, sugar, juice, etc. Since wasps get attracted to sweetness they enter the jug and get stuck there. These jugs can be hung up from trees close to the nest.

Peppermint oil is another of the natural remedies to get rid of wasps and other insects too.

Spicy stuff such as chilli based sprays are also a great way to repel wasps; mix a few cups of water with chopped chilli pepper and heat before cooling it and spraying it on. This works great when you are out camping.

Likewise cinnamon is another that wasps don’t like; just sprinkling some of this around before you get the barbeque going will surely be of great help.

The disadvantage of traps

One of the answers to your query, how to get rid of wasps, is of course placing traps but there are a lot of people mostly environmentalists who don’t go with this idea. Setting traps causes a lot of wasps to die and this is going to be a loss to our ecosystem and hence this is not always a best way to get rid of wasps, you should try using repellents instead.

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